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Since we have been growing day by day we are planning to release content that will list the widgets of the last week.

Here we are going to list the top 5 widgets that have been…

Online grocery delivery system is one of the most picked up or says it is a one of most growth market during the pandemic. The online grocery shooing system is picked up users.

The online grocery has been increased by more than 30% during the covid. since it has been…

In today digital transforming world the online delivery system demand has been increasing day by day. Even the customer would like to do shopping online and businesses also looking for an option to go online with their own online delivery system.

In all segments or niches, online food delivery systems…

Flutter UI Themes and/or Templates

Do you want to develop a Flutter app faster without compromise with your design? Then these Ui template kits will help you out.

Why Flutter UI Template/Themes?

Because, Developing an app from scratch is a time-consuming and costly process, So if you want to save time and cost then a Flutter app template or…

Everything app gets started with a great design. If your mobile app doesn’t have a great design then it will be very hard to get great UX.

So, now let don’t compromise with your mobile app design. We are listing the top 10 Mobile apps UI design below based on…

A Flutter loader widget is a loading effect that is generally added as an extra effect to your apps screen If something takes time to be loaded on the screen.

Like if you have a number of products for the eCommerce app then on the products page you keep the…

Hey everyone,

Thanks for you all kind of support and valuable suggestions for our GetWidget opensource UI library.

Since we have been getting requests to come with some professional Flutter app platform. So here we are. We are not live with our new GetWidget marketplace platform. …

Thanks for all begin touch with us at GetWidget and keep providing love and support to our flutter UI open-source.

Today we are sharing the top 5 widgets of the weeks based on the Analytics report.

Widgets of the week
Widgets of the week

Here are the top 5 widgets that we get max requests from all flutter…

The most inquired product “Online Food Delivery System” 🎉 is live now with the most requested features by our users.

Online Food delivery app

This package 🎁 you will get:

✅ User Mobile App for iOS and Android.

✅ Vendor Mobile App for iOS and Android.

✅ Delivery Guys App for iOS and Android.

Today, we have an app for every service we need. But what is important is the performance of the app. And that highly depends on the framework it is built on.

Best app template

Flutter is thus the highly recommended framework for mobile app templates today. It has a rich library that provides…

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