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Today we are sharing the top 5 widgets of the weeks based on the Analytics report.

Widgets of the week
Widgets of the week
Widgets of the week

Here are the top 5 widgets that we get max requests from all flutter developers.

The most inquired product “Online Food Delivery System” 🎉 is live now with the most requested features by our users.

Online Food delivery app
Online Food delivery app

This package 🎁 you will get:

✅ User Mobile App for iOS and Android.

✅ Vendor Mobile App for iOS and Android.

✅ Delivery Guys App for iOS and Android.

✅ Admin Dashboard — Super Admin/Store Manager Dashboard. Here are some of the important features that have been required by our users/you.

✅ Geo-Location Support

✅ OTP verification

✅ Live Tracking

✅ Wallet/Wallet payment/Add money

✅ Referral program

✅ Save card information for faster payment.

✅ Loyalty points on each…

Today, we have an app for every service we need. But what is important is the performance of the app. And that highly depends on the framework it is built on.

Best app template

Flutter is thus the highly recommended framework for mobile app templates today. It has a rich library that provides special and completely different UI/UX even if you built 100 of them. Flutter adds to the beautiful, impressive, and high-performing app templates.

We listed the top 10 flutter app templates.

Why Flutter?

Well, why not? That is exactly what you should be asking. Mobile developers are switching from native to…

These two Digital Marketing strategies you should start with for your online Grocer business/app. If you have to build your online presence like Webapp and Mobile apps.

Grocery delivery system is the one of the most grocery business during the COVID-19. And we have been providing the Readymade Grocery App Solution for your business, but after opening our market we have got most inquiries about the Grocery POS system along with their Grocery delivery Mobile app.

So here, The most waited ⏲ and most enquired ❓ feature for our Readymade Grocery app is the POS system. So we have added ➕ this feature in our latest release.

Grocery Delivery app + POS System

You can check the demo on our POS system at our admin dashboard demo 👇

Grocery delivery app cms demo:

Do you have Grocer shops and/or supermarkets and looking for an online grocery delivery system to provide online and contactless hopping from their mobile phone or system then we are here. We have launched a readymade solution for all kinds of Grocer stores and supermarket businesses.

Best Grocery Deivery App
Best Grocery Deivery App

It does not matter how big your grocer business or how small is your business or what kind of your grocer businesses, we are covered with all variants.

So let’s go through our Readymade Grocery system solution one-by-one.

First: If do you have a single grocery store in one place and looking for an…

Looking to start an online Grocery Delivery system (Like Bigbasket and others) then let check out our Readymade Grocery saas solution for Grocery delivery system. This will help you out to build your online grocer business with edge and with minimum hustle.

Now we are live with the Grocery saas solution. You can check out the all apps live demo here:

This package contains the following apps:

For short details, you may check out our below infographics.

We are delighted to announce that we have launched our Readymade Grocery app Version 2.2.0. We have released the most requested features in our Grocery Readymade app — All in one solution package.

Version 2.2.0 update 🎁 includes:

✅ Signup/Signin with the Mobile app.
✅ Pre-Defined Countries code for Mobile app registration.
✅Mobile Number OTP verification.
✅ Wallet.
✅ Multiple image uploads for one product.
✅Out of Stock notifications and Separate Menu tab in CMS.

New Feature added to Readymade Grocery app.


✅ Invoice.
✅ Add to cart design.
✅ UI Enhances.
✅ Related product with animation/Slide.

👉 This all in the package contains the following apps:

The overriding principle that Flutter applies to its rendering pipeline is that simple is fast. Flutter has a straightforward pipeline for how data flows to the system, as shown in the following sequencing diagram:

Let’s take a look at some of these phases in greater detail.

Build: from Widget to Element

Consider this simple code fragment that demonstrates a simple widget hierarchy:

child: Row(
children: [‘'),

When Flutter needs to render this fragment, it calls the build() method, which returns a subtree of widgets that renders UI based on the current app state. During this process, the…

Hey everyone, we are released our Readymade Grocery app — All in one solution version 2.0.0. Now it will be more smooth with some more additional features. So do you have supper or hypermarket then let get started with the Readymade solution on the need to wait long as we have to do in Custom development?

Now our major update 🚀 Version 2.0.0 for Readymade Grocery App — All in One solution is live You can check the details here 👇👇

Readymade Grocery app updates

You check the demos and download your latest source code from your account if you have already had a…

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